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what we offer

  • strategy and media plan: come up with tailor made marketing communication strategy with niche experiences to influence the opinion of the user

  • social media: content and management of facebook / youtube pages with website integrations. mobile apps and websites 

  • creatives and content: for advertising material to be used for atl / btl and digital platform 

  • photography: product photography / photography needed for creatives and content

  • films: corporate films / documentaries / tvc / wedding / invitation

  • events: social / corporate / team building excursions / engagement programs 

  • prints: digital / non-digital

  • promotions: online / canter / in shop / engagement

  • branding: alt / blt / digital

  • corporate training: we undertake training with interactive team building activity through drumming circle / meditation workshop / spiritual tourism


retainership from the wisdom tree includes generating strategy / planning in the role of a:


  • creative director

  • ideation of concepts

  • marketing strategies

  • customer engagement programs and activities

  • theme generator

  • execution of promotional events

  • csr activities

  • creatives and designs

  • training

  • creation of sales and marketing tools

  • advertisement

  • social media advertisement and marketing

  • concept and designing of blt / alt / digital products

we take any desirable project, both as a consultant as well as end to end delivery.

The Healing Drum Circle

Giving up a well – established career spanning over two decades, is not a choice for the faint-hearted. Yet this is how the dynamic entrepreneur, Somnath Banerjee, has chosen to rewrite the script of his life. Having tasted name, fame and success at a very early age, Somnath made a mark for himself in the competitive Media industry. Starting out with the prestigious NDTV, he climbed up the ladder, moving from one established brand to the other. He worked with well-established players in the market, such as Zee Network, CNBC, Travel Trendz, ETV (Ghana), to name a few.

Somnath was part of the core team responsible in bringing the concept of 20/20 cricket to India through the formation of ICL (Indian Cricket League), becoming a trendsetter in the Sports genre of programming. He soon rose to the position of the top management, gaining expertise in not just programming but managing and setting up television channels in India and abroad. The driving force behind his journey being his ability to innovate, ideate, think out of the box and create brands from scratch while handling the nitty gritties of top managerial responsibility with ease.


However, since childhood, he had a core aspect of his personality that he had kept alive throughout all aspects of his life and work. The desire to be of service to the community, was an integral part of his inherent nature. Also, dormant for years yet powerfully potent was his deep love for music. He had been known as a child prodigy, who could play multiple musical instruments without having had any formal training in any. Like the Piano Master V. Balsara had once remarked with reference to a young Somnath, “This child cannot be taught, he already has music flowing through him. He will create his own magic.”


The challenge now lay in bringing all key ingredients of his work and passion together under one umbrella, and a service in the Media and Advertising industry was no longer allowing a scope for growth towards this dream. It is then that the man with the creative mind, musical soul and a heart of gold, birthed his service offering for the world: The Wisdom Tree – one stop creative agency for building brands through strategy, idealization and implementation. And a key branch of this Tree was “The Healing Drum Circle”.


The Healing Drum Circle is a one-of-its-kind group activity that uses the power of drumming and rhythm to bring about desired transformation and healing to every participant in such a circle. Somnath brings his corporate experience of over two decades and his love and understanding of music to create effective soft skills training sessions for corporate through the powerful tool of sound healing with  drumming. The impact of participation in such a circle facilitated by Somnath must be experienced to be believed.


The Wisdom Tree and The Healing Drum Circle have only just begun offering their service in the market for 3 years and yet the success stories coming in are already a tale of encouragement for all who wish to follow their hearts and take a plunge to fulfill their dreams by making a career out of it. Somnath’s journey is one to be watched out for, as its inspiring to say the least. Watch out for this man, as soon the world is set to rock to the beat of his drums, as they celebrate and enjoy the fruits of the Wisdom tree that he has so lovingly planted and is nourishing each day.

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